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Ofensor (MV)


Sire:  Danúbio III (MV)
Dam: Tricana II (MV)
Color: Grey
Height: 1,60 m/15.3 hh
D.O.B: April 17, 1995
REG: 00197 – MI
Sex: Male (Stallion approved by Stud Book with 73,50 points)
Breeder: MANUEL TAVARES VEIGA (Portugal)
Deceased: April 04, 2011

Ofensor (MV) is considered, without contest, the best stallion of the modern Lusitano breed. Ofensor not only won the highest morphology prize – Great Champion of the Golegã fair in 1999, but, what is much more important for the ranking of a stallion, the Sire-Progeny Great Championship in Lisbon, 2003. Also in Lisbon, his offspring won, among others, the following titles: Champion 2-years-old Colt, Champion of Champions; Champion Mare; Champion 2 year-old Filly. Ofensor comes from what is considered one of the best and most noble heritages of the modern Lusitano breed, the famous Firme (SA)/Nilo (MV)/Novilheiro (MV), probably the lineage of greater influence in the present day Lusitano horse. His father, Danúbio (MV), undoubtedly one of the most important stallions of the Lusitano breed, as his son Ofensor (MV) was also the Great Champion at Golegã and received the very exclusive title of Champion of Champions in Lisbon, 1987. Danúbio (MV) – imported by Interagro – left a constellation of sons and daughters of superior quality, both as individuals and as sires or dams of extraordinary offspring, such as Oceano (MV), Quixote and Quantum Interagro. The latter two, together with Ofensor (MV) himself, form the unequaled triad of Interagro’s Official-Stallions. Ofensor’s dam, Tricana II (MV), by Lidador II (MV) and Medronha III (MV) is a grand-daughter of Boca-Negra (BN) and her maternal grandmother, Oferta (MV), by Bailador (MV) is also the dam of Venturoso III (MV). Therefore, Ofensor’s pedigree combines the most prestigious bull-fighting lineages with the precious athletic power of the Firme (SA)/Nilo (MV)/Novilheiro (MV) heritage, from which, Nilo (MV) happens to be Ofensor’s great-great-grandfather. Ofensor served at some of the most prestigious Lusitano studs in Portugal, like his breeder Manuel Veiga (MV), Sousa Cardoso and Sociedade das Silveiras (SS) before being imported by Interagro in 2001. At Interagro, up to the year 2005 season, Ofensor had an offspring of more than fifty individuals from the letters X, Z and A generations. One of his sons was exported to Portugal.

Portugal: 18th International Lusitano Show from June 14th to 17th , 2006,

At the Manuel Possolo Horse Club in Cascais.
The females got the best results and the big winner was Única, a daughter of Ofensor MV owned by Sociedadedas Silveiras, the most important title of this show was also won by her: The Champion of Champions. At the Morphology Classes that had the major number of entries, the stallion Ofensor MV – bred by Manuel Tavares Veiga and owned by Interagro Lusitanos Brazil – succed by the victories of his outstanding offspring, especially with Única (Ofensor MV X Jaleca by Trinco). In 2004, other 2 colts by Ofensor MV were prized: Violino SS won the Cahpion of Champions of the 2004 Show and Vistosa SS won among the females.

Prized Offspring:

Alarico Interagro (Dressage)
Alba Interagro (Conformation – Reserve Great Champion Filly 2006)
Amintas Interagro (Conformation) – 2nd place with Gold Medal at 2nd Class at 25th International Lusitano Show
Astyages Interagro (Conformation)
Baldor Interagro (Dressage)
Baramir Interagro (Working Equitation)
Batina Interagro (Conformation)
Belona Interagro (Conformation)
Bilbo Interagro (Working Equitation)
Bungo Interagro (Conformation & Dressage)
Bombadil Interagro (Dressage/USA)
Caudilho Interagro (Dressage)
Condestável Interagro (Conformation)
Cossaco Interagro (Conformation)
D´Accord do Mito (Conformation) Champion of Champions of 31st Lusitano Show (2012)
Daysy Interagro (Conformation)
Demolidor Interagro (Conformation)
Diretor Interagro (Working Equitation)
Divina do Mito (Conformation)
Ditador Interagro (Conformation & Working Equitation)
Editor Interagro (Conformation)
Expositor Interagro (Conformation)
Feitor Interagro (Conformation, Dressage & Working Equitation)
Firmador Interagro (Dressage)
Fulgor Interagro (Conformation)
Gladiador Interagro (Conformation & Dressage)
Governador Interagro (Dressage/USA)
Hector Interagro ( Conformation, Dressage & Working Equitation)
Inquisidor Interagro (Working Equitation)
Janitor Interagro (Dressage)
Única (SS) – Campeã das Campeãs no 18º FIPSL/Cascais (2006)
Urtiga (SS) – Campeã Classe 1 ano na Expoégua 2002; Campeã 1 ano e Campeã Fêmea do FIPSL (2002)
Violino (SS) – Campeão Medalha de Ouro FIPSL 2003; Campeão Classe 2 anos e Campeão dos Campeões FIPSL 2004; Campeão da Feira da Golegã 2005; Campeão Classe 4 anos, Campeão da Feira da Golegã 2006
Vistosa (SS) – Campeão Classe 1 Ano FIPSL 2003
Xelim Interagro (Dressage & Working Equitation)
Zainha Interagro (Conformation) 2nd Class – 1st place with Gold Medal at 25th International Lusitano Show
Zero Interagro (Dressage/EUA)

Offspring sold:

Adido Interagro (BRA) at 6th Interagro Yearlings Auction 2005 and later exported to Portugal by buyers
Agamemnon Interagro (USA) – The 2010 Lusitano Collection
Alarico Interagro (BRA)
Alcetas Interagro (USA) – The 2009 Lusitano Collection
Amintas Interagro (USA) – The 2009 Lusitano Collection
Antiochus Interagro (Germany) – The 2011 Lusitano Collection
Arsaces Interagro (USA) – The 2009 Lusitano Collection
Astyages Interagro (USA) – The 2011 Lusitano Collection
Bilbo Interagro (BRA) at 7th Interagro Yearlings Auction – 2006
Bombadil Interagro (USA)
Bugatti Interagro (BRA) at Coleção Interagro Auction 2010
Cônego Interagro (EUA)
Desembargador Interagro (BRA)
Desertor Interagro (BRA)
Doador Interagro (BRA) at 9th Interagro Yearlings Auction – 2008
Domador Interagro (BRA) at 9th Interagro Yearlings Auction – 2008
Educador Interagro (BRA)
Embaixador Interagro (EUA)
Embargador Interagro (BRA) at 10th Interagro Yearlings Auction – 2009
Epidauro Interagro (BRA)
Feitor Interagro (BRA)
Fiador Interagro (BRA) at 11th Interagro Yearlings Auction – 2010
Galdor Interagro (BRA)
Governador Interagro (USA)
Gravador Interagro (BRA) at 12th Interagro Yearlings Auction – 2011
Hector Interagro (USA)
Xaman Interagro (USA)
Xantel Interagro (USA) – The 2008 Lusitano Collection
Xorro Interagro (USA) –  The 2008 Lusitano Collection
Zeferino Interagro (Portugal)
Zefirelli Interagro (USA) – The 2008 Lusitano Collection
Zenith Interagro (USA)
Zero Interagro (USA) – The 2009 Lusitano Collection
Zino Interagro (USA) –  The 2008 Lusitano Collection
Zodíaco Interagro (USA) – The 2008 Lusitano Collection

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