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Regillus Interagro


Sire: Empreiteiro Interagro
Dam: Calliope Interagro
Color: Grey
D.O.B.: September 03, 2020
REG.: 8531-MN
Sex: Male

Regillus is a foal with good conformation and correct gaits, as well as good bone and size.

Son of of Calliope Interagro, a beautiful mare of great dimensions and size by Tufão Interagro, a gorgeous buckskin stallion of outstanding complexion and beauty, famous for producing excellent temperament offpring. Calliope´s dam is Sibila Interagro who left an outstanding progeny of Lusitanos awarded in Conformation, Dressage and Working Equitation like Bungo Interagro, one of the most important stallions in our breeding program; Lares Interagro and Herodotus Interagro, both sold to the US after winning Dressage and Working Equitation test in Brazil.

His sire is Empreiteiro Interagro, the bay stallion who began his career in the discipline of Working Equitation, and is currently schooling the Small Tour/PSG, demonstrating talent for all of the movements which seem to come very easy to him. Empreiteiro is also known for his willing, easy-going temperament, sharp mind, and a clear enjoyment of his work, making him a joy to ride and train. His offspring have very good gaits with lovely movement and suspension. He is the son of Perdigueiro (MAC), one of the most influential sires at Interagro.