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Sancerre Interagro


Sire: Divisadero Interagro
Dam: Io Interagro
Color: Grey
D.O.B.: November 01, 2021
REG.: 8752 – MN
Height in 08/22: 1,43 m
Sex: Male
Deceased: December 06, 2022

His sire is Divisadero Interagro, a chestnut stallion with an exceptional pedigree and lineage composed of 87.50% of Andrade blood, Divisadero’s excellent canter and temperament have made him a successful competitor and stud. Sired by the beautiful Tufão Interagro, a radiant buckskin stallion renowned for his beauty and talent as a sport horse, and with the famous Vidago (SA) present twice in his dam line, Divisadero Interagro is the first chestnut stallion to be incorporated into Interagro’s breeding program. Divisadero Interagro’s dam, Saranga (VAN), was bred by Vilhena de Andrade and imported to Brazil from Portugal to preserve the stock of pure Andrade lines at Interagro.

Very strong and docile horse; of great rideability, being very easy to teach. He has correct gaits with ease for collection and excellent canter. Divisadero’s athleticism, intelligence, and willingness to please have made him very successful in the show arena, including winning the Working Equitation Reserve Championship in 2015 at Preliminary division and the Brazilian Championship in 2016 at Intermediate division. He produces very functional and calm offspring such as the stallion Matreiro InteragroOtomano Interagro sold to Canada, the new Lusitanos from the driving team Milheiro Interagro and Pancho Interagro, also the beautiful chestnut  Paragon Interagro, of great temperament and size sold to the USA.