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Tanoeira Interagro


Sire: Divisadero Interagro
Dam: Lesbos Interagro
Color: Grey
D.O.B.: September 03, 2022
Height on 07/31/23: 1,47 m
REG.: 9501 – FN
Sex: Female
Piroplasmosis negative, tested on July 1st, 2023

A quite beautiful and conformationally correct filly, Tanoeira is a typically proud and classy filly. Her trot is excellent, and the canter is balanced and ground covering.

She is the first daughter of Lesbos Interagro, a beautiful grey broodmare revised with 76 points, Lesbos is out of the phenomenal and prolific Olímpia Interagro, Grand National Champion, Champion Filly 2 years old and Reserve Grand International Champion at the São Paulo International Show in 1997.
In the pedigree of Olímpia Interagro are very well represented the most important lineages of the breed and the great names that make up the Interagro Lineage: Xique-Xique (CI), Yacht (SA) and the ancestries Laranja I (MV), Caminheira (MV), Olivença (RA) and Utica (RA). Among Olímpia’s best-known offspring are the stallions, full brothers, Zíngaro Interagro, Bruxo Interagro and Escoteiro Interagro, in addition to Feitor Interagro, all of whom have won awards in classical dressage, working equitation and conformation. There are five daughters of Olímpia in the Interagro breeding program: Acintosa Interagro by Quilate Interagro, Catimbeira Interagro by Perdigueiro (MAC), Gladys Interagro by Ofensor (MV), Harpia Interagro by Bungo Interagro, Lesbos and Marinheira II Interagro by Perdigueiro (MAC) .
Sired by the by FEI dressage champion Baldor Interagro, 2016 Brazilian Small Tour Champion and 2015 Brazilian Small Tour Reserve Champion. Baldor Interagro has produced multiple champion dressage offspring both in Brazil and in the US, including Hadrian Interagro, Indus Interagro, and Hermus Interagro, as well as champion working equitation horses like the multitalented Hermus Interagro and Herodotus Interagro.

Tanoeira’s sire is Divisadero Interagro, a chestnut stallion with an exceptional pedigree and lineage composed of 87.50% of Andrade blood, Divisadero’s excellent canter and temperament have made him a successful competitor and stud. Sired by the beautiful Tufão Interagro, a radiant buckskin stallion renowned for his beauty and talent as a sport horse, and with the famous Vidago (SA) present twice in his dam line, Divisadero Interagro is the first chestnut stallion to be incorporated into Interagro’s breeding program. Divisadero Interagro’s dam, Saranga (VAN), was bred by Vilhena de Andrade and imported to Brazil from Portugal to preserve the stock of pure Andrade lines at Interagro.

Very strong and docile horse; of great rideability, being very easy to teach. He has correct gaits with ease for collection and excellent canter. Divisadero’s athleticism, intelligence, and willingness to please have made him very successful in the show arena, including winning the Working Equitation Reserve Championship in 2015 at Preliminary division and the Brazilian Championship in 2016 at Intermediate division. He produces very functional and calm offspring such as the stallion Matreiro Interagro, Otomano Interagro sold to Canada, the new Lusitanos from the driving team Milheiro Interagro and Pancho Interagro, also the beautiful chestnut  stallion Paragon Interagro, of great temperament and size currently in training in the USA.


Tanoeira in English means Cooper. Tanoeira is someone who makes or repairs casks, vats, barrels, and other similar containers. Cooperage is an ancient art that consists of making wooden containers for storing wine and, more recently, brandy/cachaça. It developed along the riverside areas, closely linked to the wine producing regions. The word is synonymous with tanoa (‘craft of tono-making’), which in turn comes from the Breton term Tanu, which means oak.