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Tempranillo Interagro


Sire: Matreiro Interagro
Dam: Lajeira Interagro
Color: Grey
D.O.B.: August 18, 2022
Height on 07/31/23: 1,47 m
REG.: 9507 – FN
Sex: Female
Piroplasmosis negative, tested on July 1st, 2023

Tempranillo is very expressive and has a spectacular front end, with a beautiful head and neck carriage. She is very elegant, strong, and well built.

She is the second daughter of Lajeira Interagro, a broodmare of 100% Veiga lineage, out of Odisseia (MV), a beautiful flea bitten by Bailador II (MV) and Ditadora II (MV); Odisseia had an offspring of 15 until 2016, the year in which she retired from reproduction, being replaced by daughters Lajeira Interagro and Golegã Interagro by Ofensor (MV), both revised with 73 points. The group of Veiga (MV) mares contributed significantly to the formation of the Interagro lineage, not only due to its female and male descent: among the males, Odisséia produced Lusitanos with excellent functionality and rideability. Lajeira’s sire is Perdigueiro (MAC), the sire, among many others, of the notable stallions Zíngaro Interagro and Empreiteiro Interagro. Perdigueiro is the half-brother of Nicola (MAC) both sons of Hábil (MV), a stallion from the Firme (SA)/Nilo (MV)/Novilheiro (MV) heritage who served for years at the Coimbra Stud Farm. Perdigueiro’s mother is Fidalga (MAC) – by Zelador (MAC) and Xará (JNF) – a granddaughter of the famous Maravilha (MV), the father of Cigana III (MLC), one of the founding matrices of Interagro.

Sired by Matreiro Interagro, a stallion with great personality and atittude and has great rideability, his canter is impressive and he is extremely comfortable to ride. He is a son of Divisadero Interagro, a stallion with an exceptional pedigree and lineage composed of 1/3 Veiga and ¾ Andrade, Divisadero’s excellent canter and temperament have made him a successful competitor and stud.  Sired by the beautiful Tufão Interagro, a radiant buckskin stallion renown for his beauty and talent as a sport horse, and with the famous Vidago (SA) present twice in his dam line, Divisadero Interagro is the first chestnut stallion to be incorporated into Interagro’s breeding program. Divisadero Interagro’s dam, Saranga (VAN), was bred by Vilhena de Andrade and imported to Brazil from Portugal to preserve the stock of pure Andrade lines at Interagro. Matreiro is out of the excellent Ximbica Interagro, a pure Andrade mare of great dimensions and structure; daughter of the late Yacht (SA) and Flutuante (SA). Ximbica produces very functional animals, such as Canaletto Interagro (awarded in Dressage and Driving before being sold to the USA), Declarante (awarded in Working Equitation) and Juneau Interagro, one of the highlights of the 15th Interagro Yearlings Auction in 2015. In addition to the mare Fútil Interagro, full sister of Canaletto and Juneau. Her son Matreiro Interagro, also awarded in Classic Dressage, was approved as a stallion in 2020.

Tempranillo is the third most planted wine grape in the world, considered the queen of the Spanish regions of Rioja and Ribera del Duero, two of the main wine appellations in the world. Tempranillo derives from the word temprano, which means “early or ahead of time”, a reference to the ripening time of the grape, which is usually harvested before other varieties. It is grown in almost all wine-producing sub-regions of Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, the United States and also Australia, and the grape basically received a different name in each country – despite being internationally known as Tempranillo. In Douro and Dão, for example, the grape was baptized as Tinta Roriz, while in Alentejo the variety received the name Aragonez. In Italy it is called Negretto and in the United States it is called Valdepeñas.