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Tiziu Interagro


Sire: Oscar Interagro
Dam: Chulapa Interagro
Color: Black
D.O.B.: September 15, 2022
Height on 07/31/23: 1,42 m
REG.: 8972 – MN
Sex: Male
Piroplasmosis negative, tested on July 1st, 2023

Tiziu is very well built, compact and uphill. He has an exceptional and classic front end and long, elegant legs. His gaits are superior, including a flowing walk, balanced trot, and very good suspension and balance in the canter. His movement displays freedom through the shoulder and impulsion and balance in the hind end.

Out of Chulapa Interagro, a beautiful black mare, full sister of Beluga Interagro. Chulapa left three daughters in our herd: Hecatombe (by Bruxo Interagro), Jamaica (by Zingaro Interagro) and Macumbeira (by Perdigueiro MAC). Daughter of Nordeste (SS) and Vedete Interagro by Visqueiro (CI) and Morgada (MAC). She thus has a very interesting pedigree with the Quina (CI) and Coimbra (MAC) lineages, with Quina (CI) inbreeding by Xaqueca (CI), mother of Nordeste (SS) and Visqueiro (CI), all very functional lines.

His sire is the charismatic and talented Oscar Interagro, a black stallion revised with 75.50 points in September 2021 with only 8 and a half months under saddle. Oscar has excellent gaits and is very cooperative, attributes that ensured his debut in Classical Dressage with 79% followed by 80% in his second test. Oscar is from the first generation of Fellini´s offspring under saddle. Fellini Interagro is a black stallion from two of the most successful lineages in the Interagro genetic program; he is a son of the multi-award winning Nirvana Interagro, the first Brazilian bred Lusitano to be selected for the Pan American Games and out of Batina Interagro, a daughter of the Ofensor (MV). Following in the footsteps of his sire, Nirvana, Fellini was the Brazilian and São Paulo State Dressage Champion in 2016 (Young Horses 6 YO), in addition to the horse responsible for the prizes “Brasil Hipismo” of Pia Aragão in 2016 and 2017 in the 6 and 7 Year old Horse divisions respectively. Oscar is out of Bali Comando SN, a bay mare of large dimensions, excellent movements, always bred to stallions of proved functional qualities and excellent gaits such as Querer Interagro (awarded at dressage), Faraó (JHC)Baliel Interagro (prized in Conformation, Dressage and Working Equitation), Zíngaro Interagro and Fellini Interagro (both awarded in Dressage) and the FEI Grand Prix stallions Samba (SS) and Viheste (AR).

The Tiziu (scientific name Volatinia jacarina) is a small, 4 – 5 inch in length, bird of the Thraupidae family that breeds from southern Mexico down through Central America, and South America as far south as northern Chile, Argentina and Paraguay, and on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. The Tiziu is the only member of the genus Volatinia.
The Tiziu is also known as the blue-black grassquit, bouncer, tizirro, veludinho, pile driver (in Rio de Janeiro), papa-rice, sawyer, and tailor. The Tiziu is sexually dimorphic. The male Tiziu have a blue-black plumage with small white spots underneath, while the female Tiziu has a brown color with dark striations. During the breeding season, the male Tiziu can be easily spotted performing his mating ritual consisting of vertical jumps during which he flaps his wings, displaying his white spots and making a very distinctive sound, which gave rise to the Tiziu name.