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Zainha Interagro


Sire: Ofensor (MV)
Dam: Rainha (MAC)
Color: Grey
D.O.B: August 17, 2003
Height: 1,53 m
REG.: 4125-FN
Sex: Female (approved by Stud Book with 72,50 points)
Deceased: May 21, 2021

Daughter of Rainha (MAC), an exceptional grey brood mare from Coudelaria Coimbra (Portugal) approved with 72.50 points. Awarded at the Lusitano International Exhibition in 2006 with the most important award to a breeder: recognition of the quality of her progeny represented by Zainha and Antigonus Interagro (by Quixote Interagro). Rainha´s blood is preserved at Interagro by the 6 females used in our genetic program. The full sisters Zainha and Gioconda Interagro, both by Ofensor (MV) and with scores above 72; the young Janota Interagro (by Baldor Interagro) and Ressalva Interagro (by Luca Interagro) and the late Xibita Interagro (by Rocinante Interagro) and Duqueza Interagro (by Quixote Interagro)
Rainha´s descendants are very functional and of excellent rideability, among them stands out Firmador Interagro (by Ofensor MV), the main working horse of the farm, very agile, balanced and with an excellent walk, which guaranteed him good placements in the in-house dressage tests.

Her sire is one of the most important and famous stallions of the breed: Ofensor (MV), a sire of merit that not only obtained the maximum title in morphology, the Grand Champion of 1999 at the Golegã Fair , as, what matters most in the real evaluation of the sire, the Champion of Sire’s Progeny at the Lisbon International Festival in 2003. Ofensor (MV) descends from what is best and noblest in the modern genealogies of the PSL, belonging to the remarkable Firme (SA)/Nilo (MV)/Novilheiro (MV) lineage, possibly the one that has had the greatest influence on the formation of the current PSL. He served in the best and most distinguished stud farms of the breed, such as those of his breeder Manuel Veiga, Sousa Cardoso and Sociedade das Silveiras, before being imported by Interagro in 2001.


Conformation Classes: 1st place (Gold Medal) at 2 years old fillies at XXV International Lusitano Show (2006)


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