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Zaragoza Interagro


Sire: Profano Interagro
Dam: Odalisca (RC)
Color: Bay
D.O.B: September 28, 2003
REG.: 4138-FN
Sex: Female (approved by Stud Book with 70 points)

Beautiful bay broodmare, daughter of Odalisca (RC), bred by Architect Raposo Cordeiro and granddaughter of Xinita (RC), she is the daughter of Saloia II (MV), maternal sister of Novilheiro (MV). The absolute success of the Firme (SA)/Nilo (MV)/Novilheiro (MV) lineage has caused many breeders, especially the Architect. Arsenio Raposo Cordeiro – who brought Novilheiro back to Portugal – sought to recover and fix this line of athletic horses. In pursuit of this objective, Arsênio Cordeiro acquired the mare Saloia II (MV), daughter of Novilheiro’s dam, Guerrita (MV). Subsequently, Arsenio Cordeiro sold to Interagro several mares of that lineage, among them Odalisca (RC), which has a special reproductive function at Interagro because she is an inbreeding mare in Yacht (SA) and Saloia II (MV), this being the daughter of Guerrita (MV) , mother of the famous Novilheiro (MV).

Her sire, Profano Interagro, is the grandson of Novilheiro (MV) thus reinforcing Zaragoza’s genetic load through the blood lines described above.


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2008 – Estilo Interagro – sold (BRA)
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2011 – Holly Interagro
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2014 – Liturgia Interagro
2016 – Negrito Interagro – sold (USA)
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