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Interagro Lusitanos Celebrates The Lusitano Breed From China To The United States

Interagro Lusitanos, the world’s largest breeder and exporter of Lusitano horses, is thrilled to be spreading the word about the fabulous Interagro Lusitano, a breed known for their upper-level talent in a variety of disciplines, their ability to be ridden by amateurs as well as professionals, their excellent gaits and their kind and willing dispositions. Interagro Lusitanos recently attended The China Horse Fair in Beijing where they promoted the Lusitano breed and they will also be attending the upcoming Equine Affaire in Massachusetts. 

The China Horse Fair is the most international and comprehensive event for trade professionals and enthusiasts active in China’s rapidly growing horse sports and leisure industries. Interagro representative Peter van Borst attended the China Horse Fair in Beijing in October, where he promoted and introduced the country to the Lusitano breed.

Interagro felt very welcomed at The China Horse Fair and the Lusitano breed certainly gained many new fans during the fair,” said Peter van Borst, Sales Director for Interagro Lusitanos in Brazil, who attended the China Horse Fair. “The China Horse Fair attracted over 3,000 people and Interagro Lusitanos was part of a world class display of the best horse breeds in the world. It was a great experience.


Photo: Peter van Borst (second from the right) at the Interagro Lusitano booth during the China Horse Fair in Beijing. He is joined by famed Portugese trainer João Lynce (right) and other Lusitano enthusiasts. (Photo courtesy of Peter van Borst)

Interagro Lusitanos will also take part in the Equine Affaire, November 10-13 at the Eastern States Expo in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Trainer and rider Cherri Reiber will present a tandem demonstration during the event with two Lusitanos, a demonstration that has earned high praise throughout the country. 

Reiber’s tandem driving is a crowd pleaser, as Reiber rides one horse and drives another in front, showing off upper level movements including the piaffe, passage, tempi changes and the spectacular Spanish walk. Performing at the Equine Affaire is a prestigious accomplishment and Reiber will have the unique opportunity to promote the much-loved Lusitano breed in front of thousands of horse enthusiasts.

“Interagro is always honored to take part in exhibits and demonstrations, as the farm is dedicated to promoting the breed,” said Cecilia Gonzaga, manager of Interagro Lusitanos. Interagro, which is located on a 1200-acre ranch outside São Paulo in Brazil, is also committed to preserving the pure bloodlines of the Lusitano breed. The farm is home to approximately 150 exceptional broodmares and 25 top quality stallions including some of the most respected bloodlines in the breed including Farao (JHC), Nirvana Interagro, Ofensor (MV), Xique-Xique (CI) and Yacht (SA). Nothing similar in number and quality can be found at any other single breeding farm in the world.