Interagro Lusitanos Showcases Generations of Talent During First Phase of 2017 Brazilian Working Equitation Championships

Itapira, SP, Brazil – Early March’s Brazilian sunshine set the mood for a group of Interagro Lusitanos at Haras de Mangueiras in Itapira, where the country’s top working equitation horses and riders vied for top placings in the first phase of the 2017 Brazilian Working Equitation Championships.  A sport based on the daily activities and tasks required of working horses, the discipline consists of three demanding phases; dressage, speed, and ease of handling.  The Brazilian training center and stud, Interagro Lusitanos, brought a number of horse and rider combinations to expand their already impressive resume of working equitation successes, and from young horses at their first show to more experienced mounts advancing through the levels, the long list of Interagro horses in the ribbons continues to grow.

Hanibal Interagro & Johnny Miranda

Two young protégés of Interagro’s training and breeding program, Hector Interagro and Hanibal Interagro, made their debut show appearance at the Championships.  With Alexandre Souza in the saddle, Hector Interagro finished first in the Novice A Division after a  spectacular performance that drew high praise from the judges.  As the full brother of Baldor Interagro, an FEI dressage champion at the Small Tour and budding Grand Prix talent, Hector displayed his sibling’s talent and intelligence through all three phases.  Johnny Miranda piloted Hanibal Interagro to 3rd place in the same division, Novice A, rounding out two top finishes for the grey Lusitanos.  Another pair of more experienced Interagro horses, Feitor Interagro and Divisadero Interagro, made their premier performance in the Preliminary and Master classes, kicking of advanced working equitation careers.

Feitor Interagro & Alexandre Souza/TUPA

Interagro’s prowess as a breeder was also accented as a number of horses sold to private buyers or at previous Interagro national auctions also made their mark in the working equitation arena.  Heliodoro Interagro, owned by Alexandre Siqueira, was sold in the 13th Interagro Yearlings Auction – 2012 as a yearling and was a welcome sight for his Interagro family.  He competed in the Novice A Division with Fábio Rogério Lombardo Jr in the saddle, finishing 4thPorfirio Interagro, stunning and competitive at 21 years young, represented the eldest generation of Interagro horses competing at the working equitation championships with his amateur rider Suely Moraes. Porfírio was sold at 2 years old in the 1997 Top Interagro Auction.

Heliodoro Interagro & Fabio Lombardo Jr
Heliodoro Interagro & Fabio Lombardo Jr

Click here for a full list of Interagro horses and their results at the 2017 Brazilian Working Equitation Championships!

Porfírio Interagro & Marcio Almeida
Porfírio Interagro & Marcio Almeida

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