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Interagro promotes breed integration during working equitation ring opening

The opening event last Saturday was a celebration to the horse, no matter the breed and the reunion of owners and professionals. Extra officials disputes between amateurs and professionals, Volkswagen vehicles test drive, and Brazilian barbecue lead by the breeder and businessman Tonico Pereira gave the tone to the day.

The “I Interagro Amarok Working Equitation Experience” brought about 340 people to Interagro Farm premises and initiated the ” Interagro Post Graduation on the Lusitano Horse” project, offering Clinics, workshops and specialized courses addressed to Brazilians and foreigners.

The Interagro Working Equitation Ring is 20meters in width and 60meters in length, sand floor, bridge and gate among other obstacles. Interagro used an old pen area and paid careful attention to the drainage and recycled materials transforming trough into benches for guests, for example.

No fees were applied for enrollment and “stabling”.



Categories: Juniors, Professionals and Amateurs & Beginners

37 participants had fun and joy since 9am till 1pm when the breeder and businessman Tonico Pereira commanded a barbecue by cooking dozens of VPJ rump steaks for the guests.

The judges Priscilla Botton and Rodolfo Narezzi awarded the riders in each categories.

1st Luiza Magalhaes and Astro V8
2nd Victor Trielli Avila and Valioso NP
3rd Gustavo Trielli Avila and Xaveco Interagro

1st Fabio Lombardo Junior and Unico HS
2nd Vicente Paulo de Souza and Xerife do Top
3rd Pedro Augusto Souza Oliveira and Xaron Jurua

1st Edmar Martins de Brito and Baramir Interagro
2nd Ricardo Bacelar Wuerkert and Navarro AJR
3rd Christiano von Rainer and Baramir

Interagro Interagro prized the competitors, besides trophies, with 3G Samsung Tablets.