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Lusitano Breed integrates’ team of Dressage in the Pan Am Games at Rio de Janeiro


Nirvana Interagro and Pia Aragão at Amil Dressage Cup 2007

Nirvana Interagro ridden by the Swedish (naturalized Brazilian) rider Pia Aragão conquest a place in the team of Dressage that will represent Brazil in the Pan-American Games at Rio de Janeiro. This is the first time that a Brazilian Lusitano participates of the competition.

The team was announced by the Swedish trainer Eric Lette on the Sunday 29th, in São Paulo (SP), at the end of CDI*** Amil Dressage Cup, in the last selective carried through at Paulista Horse Club.

The foreign judges praised the technique and ability of the rider conducting the 3 days tests in the FEI classes.

Nirvana Interagro and Pia Aragão had opened the competition at Friday, 27th, winning the reprise St. George, with the score of 69, 50%.

At Saturday, 28th, the set assured the second place in the Intermediate I, with the final score of 66,700%.

At Sunday, 29th, Nirvana Interagro and Pia Aragão had again assured the 2nd place this time in the Freestyle – presentation with music and free choreography – with the final score of 69,200%.

Knowing the champion

Pia Aragão was born in Sweden, in 1958. Arrived in Brazil in 1986, when she brought horses sold from Europe. She stayed and followed this horses for 1 month in Brazil when she got offered a job from Haras Boa Fé in Rio de Janeiro. Shortly after starting that job Pia met her future husband Pedro Aragão. The passion led them to the marriage and her to double citizenship.

By the side of his wife, Pedro, beyond being the greater fan of the rider, also works as hers “entrepreneur”, “advisor”, taking care of each fact of his “muse”. To each conquered title Pia also attributes the fact to the support of her husband.                         

To participate of the Pan-Americans isn’t a new experience for Pia Aragão. In 2003 the rider got 12th place in the ranking individual and 6th place in the team holed in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. But it wasn’t with a Lusitano!

At this time she wants a better placing and therefore the rider plan to charm the public in Rio de Janeiro and use some compositions from Tom Jobim for the freestyle in the final test the last day.

Brazilian Champion Senior Top 2006 with Nirvana Interagro and 4 times (from 2003 to 2006)  winner of the “Prize Brazil Olympic”, promoted by COB – (Brazilian Olympic Committee) – Pia Aragão rides  Nirvana Interagro since 2001.  The Grey stallion was born in 1993 at Interagro Farms, in Itapira (SP), and is by Gatão X Capicua.  

The combination start to compete together in 2002 with victory in the second level.

The perfect match between Pia and Nirvana made the rider to take the decision to move herself, husband, horses and dogs from Rio de Janeiro to the Interagro Farms in 2005,starting to be exclusive rider and trainer of Interagro Farms which is the largest breeder of Lusitanos in the world.

The Constant training and support offered by Interagro Farms to the rider, including international seasons and clinics with top international trainers; have given expressive results in ring. Together, Nirvana Interagro and Pia Aragão have over 80 tests, with 50% of victories and many 2nd and 3rd places.

Pia and Nirvana is holding the titles as South American Vice-champion individual and team FEI level small tour hosted in Argentina 2004.

2006 the combination competed in the Florida circuit, USA, with big success and winning the freestyle at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, with 69,917%.

They also spend a few month training and competing in Germany, where they made there debut in Grand Prix, 11 th place in CDN Guxhagen. Back in Brazil they won the Brazilian championships for the 2 time by winning both the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix freestyle. Parallel with this event was CDI*** Amil dressage Cup, which of course they also won.,

The results obtained in Amil Dressage Cup 2007, shows the excellent timing and preparation but the combination doesn’t want to get limited to the Pan-American Games. Pia is already preparing herself to get a place in the Brazilian team if they get the qualification for the  Olympics 2008 in Beijing, and the world Equestrian Games of 2010 in Kentucky, USA.  

The news that Nirvana is in the Brazilian dressage team was reason to a big celebration for Interagro Farms. Not just for the debut of a “Brazilian” Lusitano horse in the games, but also because, indirectly, it’s the second time that the genetics selected at the Interagro fields are in the Pan-Americans Games. At the Pan Am Games 2003 in Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic, the stallion Luar SS, imported from Portugal introduce the breed to the competition. Curiously he is son of Faraó, one of the best stallions of Interagro Farms.