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Magnificent Interagro Lusitano Stars In Commercial And International Campaign For Princess Barbie

January 25, 2012

ITAPIRA, BRAZIL (JRPR) – Sabre Interagro, a gorgeous gray Lusitano bred by Interagro Lusitanos, is the star of a Brazilian commercial and international campaign for the Princess Barbie Doll from Mattel. In the 60-second commercial, Sabre Interagro proves that fairy tales do come true as he recreates the famous scene in which a handsome prince rescues a princess while mounted on a splendid white horse.Lusitano-in-Barbie-Commercial-Rearing-227x300

“Interagro is thrilled to see one of our own horses in the commercial. We sold Sabre Interagro at our 2002 auction to Mr. Ricardo Brum Marantes. Sabre is a gorgeous Lusitano and a wonderful example of the strength and beauty of the breed. Sabre is the perfect horse for the prince to ride in the commercial,” said Cecilia Gonzaga, the manager of Interagro Lusitanos, a 1,200-acre farm outside of São Paulo in Brazil and the largest breeder and exporter of Lusitano horses in the world.

Sabre Interagro shows off his star power in the Brazilian commercial when he gallops onto the scene carrying the prince who spots three beautiful princesses. Following a scene in which Sabre Interagro rears – complete with fog and the sound of a whinny — the prince swoops one of the lovely ladies onto the back of Sabre Interagro and they ride off together as the commercial transitions into two young girls playing with their Barbie Dolls.

Sabre’s owner, Marantes, of Haras Itapuã South, reported that the producers looked at a variety of breeds before choosing a Lusitano for the commercial. Marantes was thrilled to have his horse appear in the commercial. Sabre Interagro is ridden in a Portuguese saddle and breastplate that Marantes purchased at the International Festival of the Lusitano Horse in Lisbon.

“The Lusitano is a stately and gorgeous breed and the producers certainly picked the right breed for their commercial,” Gonzaga said. “The Lusitano is already known around the world for their ability in the show ring, and we are pleased that one of Farao’s sons is now a television star and will also be seen around the world.”

Sabre Interagro (Farao (JHC) x Interessante II) is the son of Interagro’s well-known stallion Farao (JHC), who has produced many award-winning offspring. As the world’s largest breeder and exporter of Lusitano horses, Interagro Lusitanos is committed to preserving the pure bloodlines of the Lusitano breed. Their farm is home to approximately 150 exceptional broodmares and 25 top quality stallions including some of the most respected bloodlines in the breed such as Farao (JHC), Nirvana Interagro, Ofensor (MV), Xique-Xique (CI) and Yacht (SA). Nothing similar in number and quality can be found at any single breeding farm in the world.

Interagro recently won the Best Breeder Award at the 3rd Annual Lusitano Festival at Aguas de Lindoia. “My father, Dr. Paulo Gavião Gonzaga, founded Interagro Lusitanos in 1975 in an effort to preserve the breed. He started with a small band of four mares and one stallion, so it is such an honor that our once small farm has the distinction of winning the Best Breeder Award. This is such a tribute to my father, who continues to be active on the farm,” Cecilia said.

The Interagro horse is a modern Lusitano that excels in the traditional equestrian disciplines, from dressage and driving to jumping and working equitation.  Interagro has recently begun offering private visits to the Brazilian farm and each prospective buyer gets to experience Interagro in a unique way; from riding and driving the horses, learning the history of the farm, experiencing the Brazilian culture and food to appreciating the warmth and dedication that the Gonzaga family has for their horses, home and country.


To watch Sabre Interagro’s television debut, watch his commercial at http://vimeo.com/32474875.

About Interagro Lusitanos

Founded in 1975 by Dr. Paulo Gavião Gonzaga to preserve the Lusitano breed, Interagro Lusitanos is now recognized as the world’s largest breeder and exporter of Lusitano horses. Dr. Gonzaga started with a small band of four mares and one stallion imported to Brazil from the breed’s native Portugal; to date nearly 700 horses populate the 1200-acre ranch outside São Paulo. Today, Cecilia Gonzaga manages the farm and operations. Interagro Lusitanos are handled, prepared, and evaluated from birth, with a handful of the best stock presented at auction each year.

Photo: Sabre Interagro, a gorgeous gray Lusitano bred by Interagro Lusitano, is the star of a commercial and international campaign for the Princess BarbieTM Doll from Mattel. (Photo courtesy of Itapuã do Sul Stud Farm)