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Martina Irene Brandes – Trainer


Martina Irene Brandes, started at the horse world in her childhood, by the age 6, was carried by the passion for these noble animals.

At 18 years old, ended her high school at the Swiss-Brazilian School in São Paulo, started at the Veterinarian University at UNESP- Jaboticabal. She graduated in 1989, specializing in horses.

At the same time improved her knowledge in training horses and started her career at dressage and jumping. At this occasion with her own horse, reached St. George and Intermediate I, including a South– American Game in 1998, carried through CHSA ( Santo Amaro Horse Club) in São Paulo- Brazil.

In 2003, got qualified and participate of The Pan-American Games of Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic

In 2006 was The São Paulo Dressage Champion/ ABPSL (Brazilian Pure Bred Lusitanos Association) – Young horses( 5 Years ) with Vilão Hl owned by Mrs. Viviann Mattos.

By the middle of 2007 she moved herself to Holambra city and started her job at Interagro’s team in August.

Since 2010 Martina is our head-trainer, being responsible for all horses in training at Interagro Farms.