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Montrachet Interagro Leads Georgia H/J Circuit

Montrachet Interagro, owned by Cyndie Lambert, is currently No 1 in the Green Hunters Division of the Georgia Hunter/Jumper Association. “He had been doing dressage,” said Cyndie, who acquired the horse at the end of August last year. “He came up for sale and he and I clicked right away.”

Montrachet, an eight-year-old gray gelding, is being shown by Margaux Hilber, a professional trainer in the Atlanta area and while it is still early in the year (2001), he has a noticeable lead in the state rankings. But she is not the only one getting the best out of the horse. “He has never refused a single jump,” explained Cyndie. “I’ve never seen a horse with his approach – he just gives everything. You can say, well Margaux’s a professional and so she can make sure he doesn’t refuse, but my son, Matthew, who’s 11 and has only been riding three years of course makes mistakes sometimes and Monty says ‘Okay, I can correct that’.”

Cyndie emphasized that they are completely thrilled with the horse. “Monty” as he is called, has certainly risen to each and every occasion. “He’s a show-stopper,” said Cyndie. “When he goes in the ring your eye is drawn to him.” In fact there is very little chance of overlooking this horse as the officials at one local show discovered. “At the last local show as they were giving out placements Monty was not even listed,” Cyndie said. “All our mouths dropped because we couldn’t believe the results.

“Monty was standing by the board and when the announcement came and his name wasn’t mentioned, he pulled a blue ribbon off the board with his teeth. We all laughed and his trainer asked the ring steward to just review the results and make sure it was correct. She came back with the news that the result was wrong – Monty had won his blue ribbon.”

That blue ribbon – complete with teeth marks – is proudly displayed next to Monty’s stall door. This year they are focusing on the local circuit but next year they hope to add to his ribbon collection while competing in ‘A’ shows. He has already tested the water at one such event, finishing second and third over fences with Matthew in the pre-Children class.

“He likes a challenging course,” said Cyndie, “otherwise he’s not interested. At the same time he’s very dedicated. I’ve never met a horse with this personality. He’s so kind and so sharing with his thoughts.”

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