Music & Dressage Merge – International Musician DSharp Shoots Music Video With Grand Prix Dressage Rider Caroline Roffman

Wellington, FL (April 9, 2015)— When internationally popular musician and classically trained contemporary violinist DSharp traveled to a dressage facility in Wellington, Florida, it was to film a music video with Grand Prix dressage rider Caroline Roffman. DSharp’s musical talents have made him a top Electronic Dance Music (EDM) performer, producer, and DJ in countries all over the world. The rising musician uses his classical violin instrument in an innovative way to create a choice act that has graced high-profile clubs across the globe, including in Sweden, Amsterdam, the Philippines, and Dubai. Roffman is known for her stellar performances in Grand Prix dressage. She creates musical freestyles that incorporate modern musical trends with elegant equestrian skills. As two classically trained professionals who push industry standards, DSharp and Roffman are a perfect match for this artistic collaboration.

When Caroline Roffman saw a music video posted by DSharp online, she was so impressed by his talent that she reached out to him about creating the music for her dressage freestyle test. DSharp, excited about the idea, wanted to push the collaboration one step further— and contacted Roffman about creating a music video. While scheduled to be in South Florida for performances in conjunction with Miami Music Week, DSharp and his team arranged to shoot the music video with Roffman at her Lionshare Dressage farm in Wellington, Florida.

Roffman, with assistance from her sponsors, was delighted to host DSharp and his team. Roffman was outfitted by Equiline, which ensured that she was dressed in the finest in equestrian fashion for the event. Vita Flex, a leading manufacturer of high quality veterinary-developed supplements for horses, provided support for the production. Australian Grand Prix show jumper Ben Meredith may be seen in the music video flying over a Vita Flex oxer at Lionshare Dressage. Charles Owen, a popular helmet choice among equestrians of all disciplines, known for its attractive design and high-level protection, also played an integral role in making the event possible. In addition, Interagro Lusitanos allowed Roffman to ride the stunning Grand Prix gelding Vade-Mecum Interagro for the video. Vade-Mecum was one of three horses Interagro Lusitanos brought to Wellington, Florida from their base in Brazil for the winter dressage season.


Grand Prix dressage rider Caroline Roffman dances with her horse as DSharp plays the violin.
(Photo courtesy of JRPR)

The project was filmed on March 30, with several members of the media on hand, in addition to a filming crew from Afflux Studios— a first-rate creative visual company based in Wellington, Florida. . Kenneth J. Braddick of and Ellen Rosenberg from The Town-Crier were amongst those present. Carol Cohen of Equine News Room interviewed DSharp and Roffman for a feature story. The music video will debut on DSharp’s YouTube channel and will likely air in the United Kingdom and other European outlets.

Roffman is accustomed to being in the spotlight, especially throughout the great success she has enjoyed with her partner Her Highness O. The pair was short listed for the U.S. dressage team for the 2014 World Equestrian Games. In 2013, Roffman and Sagacious HF were the Reserve Champions at Aachen CDI-O5* Under 25 Grand Prix.  She earned the title of USEF National Intermediare 1 Champion in 2012. It is clear that Roffman has been fulfilling her designation of a ‘Rising Star’, as she was dubbed by the FEI in 2010. The musical freestyle that Roffman and Her Highness O performed to Katy Perry’s “Roar” at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival last year became so popular between both equestrians and non-equestrians alike that its video went viral online.


DSharp serenades a horse at Caroline Roffman’s Lionshare Dressage. (Photo courtesy of JRPR)

DSharp has a unique gift in his ability to fuse hip-hop, classical, and EDM music so fluidly that crowds everywhere enjoy his music. DSharp’s goal is to create masterful music that brings joy to his fans in innovative and exciting ways. His music is sure to bring dressage audiences to their feet when Roffman performs her freestyle to music created especially for her by DSharp.

After watching Roffman perform beautiful technical dressage movements and Ben Meredith soar over the Vita Flex jump, DSharp was inspired to try horseback riding himself.  At the end of the video, DSharp was able to ride a dressage horse – a fitting ending to an entertaining day of filming.

This joint venture between DSharp and Roffman is an opportunity for dressage to be enjoyed in mainstream culture. Lionshare Dressage, Roffman’s top-quality dressage training, lessons, and sales business, was proud to host this unique event.

For more information about Roffman and Lionshare Dressage, visit, email, or call 617-633-1003.

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