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Obtuso Interagro – Dressage Champion in Brazil

Obtuso Interagro continues to blaze a trail on the Brazilian dressage circuit, winning the final test of the year and as a result climbing to the top of the rankings in the 2001 Intermediate II Championship of the Brazilian Dressage Federation.

“Obtuso is really powerful and surprising,” said Cecilia, Interagro Lusitanos’ Brazilian stud manager. “It is wonderful news for Interagro.” Cecilia devised the concept of an Interagro Sports Team aiming to place Lusitanos in modern equestrian disciplines to demonstrate the results of their breeding program at Interagro on the world stage. This seven-year-old grey stallion, ridden by Brazilian dressage trainer Andre Ganc, has now qualified for the South American Championship and had good enough scores to be invited by the Brazilian Dressage Federation to compete and represent the country. “We won’t send him as he has to “work” now at the breeding season,” explained Cecilia. “Maybe next year…”

In the States there is a further member of the Interagro Sports Team in Montezuma do Mirante, currently in training with Grand Prix dressage rider Silke Rembacz. His debut at the Winter Equestrian Festival produced a promising score of 65.6 and this winter he is expected to move up to Fourth Level.

Obtuso Interagro
2001 Ranking Brazilian Championship Intermediate II – Champion
2001 Ranking Sao Paulo Championship Intermediate II – Champion
2001 CAN – National Championship Intermediate II – Vice Champion

Archive: July 2001