Own One of Interagro’s Winning Lusitanos – Interagro Lusitanos Top 2014 Brazilian Championships

Itapira, Brazil – The only thing more thrilling than the performances of Interagro Lusitanos at the Brazilian Championships, hosted July 25-27 at the Jequitibá Training Center in São Paulo’s historic municipality of Itu, is the assurance that anyone can buy into the legend of this beautiful and versatile breed. One of the most accessible and recognized breeders in the world, Interagro Lusitanos showed talent and versatility across the divisions, including the pairs horse title for Demócrito Interagro and Cagliostro Interagro and driver Fabio R. da Silva; the four-in-hand title for its matched buckskins, driven by Antonio M. de Souza; and Top 10 placings in Working Equitation for its sales horses and stallions (or, in Portuguese, garanhão).

Pair winners Demócrito and Cagliostro were put to Interagro’s matched buckskin quadra, joining Crispim Interagro and Comanche Interagro, to win the Brazilian Four-in-Hand title for Antonio de Souza. Comanche and Crispim also proved their mettle as a pair and were third, driven by Valentim M. de Brito, behind their Interagro stablemates. Second in the quadra was Ana Carolina Borja de Almeida driving Viajor Interagro and Semaneiro Interagro teamed with Erva Doce and Erótica.

The Jequitibá Training Center set the stage for the Working Equitation (Equitação de Trabalho) Championships and premier of a “Speed” Working competition, organized and conducted by CIA Working Equitation.

In its largest Equitation division – Aspiring, the reserve championship was won by Alexandre Souza, and Ditador Interagro. Souza also won sixth place honors while debuting Diretor Interagro.

“It was the first time Diretor Interagro had left home and first show ever,” said Cecilia Gonzaga, manager of operations for Interagro Lusitanos, referring to the gray stallion’s debut in the championships’ Working Equitation division. “He behaved extremely well.” Diretor Interagro and another horse from the Interagro working equitation team, Equitação Interagro, are available for sale.

“People,” Gonzaga said after the championships, “can buy Interagro horses secure in knowing they are already competing, and have experience traveling, loading, etc. I don’t know of any other Lusitano farm that has competition horses of this caliber and versatility for sale.”

The reserve championship in the Equitação de Trabalho (Working Equitation) New Horses division went to Johnny Miranda riding Empreiteiro Interagro, and sixth was won by buckskin sales stallion, Furacão, under Nuno Araújo. Intermediate division entries Baliel Interagro and rider Benedito Torres de Macedo were fourth.

Consistent winning and Top Ten performances throughout the Brazilian Championships spoke for themselves: The Interagro horse epitomizes the modern Lusitano, a horse that excels in the traditional equestrian disciplines, from dressage and driving to jumping and working equitation.

Interagro is committed to preserving the pure bloodlines of the Lusitano breed, and its own bloodlines include some of the most respected of the breed: Faraó (JHC), Nirvana Interagro, Ofensor (MV), Xique-Xique (CI) and Yacht (SA).

Through their unique Destination Lusitano program, Interagro hosts interested clients at the farm and immerses guests in the Luistano breed and culture at the farm. From riding an Interagro stallion across the rolling Brazilian countryside to enjoying Portuguese cuisine, to watching training sessions, and meeting the living pedigree of generations of Lusitano horses, Destination Lusitano is an opportunity to purchase the horse of your dreams while enjoying the journey of a lifetime.

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