Matreiro Interagro, grey Lusitano stallion/Fagner Almeida

Results of Interagro Horses at the ABPSL Dressage Cup

Matreiro Interagro, grey Lusitano stallion/Fagner Almeida


May 19th, 2022 at SHP – Sociedade Hipica Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Judges: Colonel Márcio Camargo, Mrs. Sonia Hanssen and Mrs. Sandra Oliveira Martins

In the program there were two days of Dressage Cup and registrations were made and paid for 2 days of competition. However, the second day was canceled without any official announcement or justification, the night before, with the horses and team already in São Paulo. Frustrating and disrespectful, especially because it was the first-time horses and staff leave home after the pandemic. With the tests on the same days of the International Exhibition would have been an excellent opportunity to show the horses for the public and also observe their behavior in a different environment.

Competition for 4-year-old horses
1st place: Alexandre de Souza and the debuting ORVILLE INTERAGRO (77,800 %)
Second Level
2nd place: Edmar Brito & MATREIRO INTERAGRO (66,982 %)
Third Level
4th place: Edmar Brito & LAVAGANTE INTERAGRO (64,865 %)
Fourth Level
2nd place: Alexandre Souza & LEUCON INTERAGRO (61,197 %)


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