Richebourg Interagro is the cover of Dressage Today Magazine

September issue
Richebourg Interagro photographed by Keron Psillas

Interagro Lusitanos “Covered” in Dressage Today!  
Dressage fans were granted a special view into the world’s largest breeder of Lusitano horses when Patty Lasko, Editor of Dressage Today magazine, recently journeyed to Interagro Lusitanos.  The September 2012 issue of Dressage Today focused on the baroque horse, and was a perfect fit for Patty’s article featuring Interagro and the Lusitano breed.  So much so, in fact, that Dressage Today selected a stunning shot of Richebourg Interagro to grace the cover!  
Lasko experienced the Lusitano breed in its element at Interagro, and published her adventure in the pages of the prestigious dressage publication.  Lasko was joined by renown equine biomechanics expert Hilary Clayton during her stay at Interagro, and spent her days riding, driving, and enjoying the Lusitanos that call Interagro home.  Lasko’s article included photos of young Lusitanos in the fields as well as the driving, working equitation, and dressage horses.  Featured in the article are Canopus Interagro (Tufao Interagro x Nora Interagro), Zingaro Interagro (Perdigueiro (MAC) x Olimpia Interagro), and Bomilcar Interagro (Quixote Interagro x Alter Interagro).  Canopus, with his beautiful expression and iridescent buckskin coloring, was given his own full page in the photo gallery!  Profano Interagro, a bay stallion, is featured in the index of the issue, decked out in traditional Portuguese tack complete with gleaming silver accents and a feather plume.  Interagro’s Managing Director, Cecilia Gonzaga, also makes an appearance in Patty’s article, along with Interagro trainers Pia Aragao and Martina Brandes.   
Dressage Today is devoted exclusively to the sport and art of dressage, one of the most popular equestrian disciplines in the United States.  The September 2012 issue focused on the baroque breeds, including the Lusitano, PRE, Andalusian, and Friesian horse.  Interagro’s dedication to creating a modern Lusitano sporthorse while preserving the pure bloodlines of the breed have already produced top dressage prospects for both the amateur and the professional riders across the globe.  All of Interagro was honored to host Mrs. Lasko and to be featured in Dressage Today.