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Riding clinic at Interagro


10 private lessons on Lusitanos that will focus on improving your style, correct position and effectiveness of aids. Lessons are given by Mauricio Delucchi, head trainer of Interagro and one guest trainer, Pia Aragão. All trainers are English speaking.

“I found that the people at Interagro really cared about their horses. The training process begins when horses are 3 years old. Training is taken slow and each horse is treated as an individual. The trust these Lusitanos show in humans reflects that these animals are treated and trained in such a way that they really do like people. Their big, kind and expressive eyes will win anyone over, even me – the “die hard” warmblood fan.” read complete article and know Hobby Horse Tours.”

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Superior Equestrian Training Vacations
Anke Matthiessen – Equestrian Tour Manager
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