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Breeding In Brazil

Interagro Lusitanos started breeding in Brazil in 1975 and today is the world’s largest breeder of Luzitanos. In Brazil, Interagro Lusitanos are carefully bred from selected lineage. With the import of valuable stallions and mares, this stud farm preserves pure the main lines of the breed.


PSL in Brazil

In 1991 , the Brazilian Association of Breeders of Lusitano Horse – ABPSL concluded with the APSL – Portuguese Association of Thoroughbred Breeders Lusitano one reciprocities Protocol, which makes all purebred Lusitanos registered in Brazil are also welcomed to the Stud Book Portuguese and in all countries that have similar agreement with Portugal . Brazilian horse Lusitano are so universally recognized .

In our country , all national races descended from horses brought by the first Portuguese settlers and those who entered the migratory frontier described in the previous section . The Lusitano Horse originated in Brazil the Mangalarga and Campolina .

The first was created in Minas Gerais, by Gabriel Francisco Junqueira, Alfenas baron who in 1821 received as a gift from King John VI , the Alter stallion “Sublime” with which benefited a group of Crioulo mares.

The Campolina date 1840, from your farmer’s name Cassiano Campolina that Began its creation in southern Minas Gerais , with mares that have been covered by stallions imported into the Cachoeira do Campo Real stud by King John VI.

After this real introduction, little news has Lusitano in Brazil. It was only in the last century , in the 70s , he reappears in São Paulo brought from Portugal by the creator of Toledo Antonio Mendes Pereira, who in 1974 founded the so- called Association of the Andalusian Horse Breeders.

In addition to the quantity, the most significant is the quality of the Brazilian squad achieved herons acquiring great level of animals in Portugal and the careful selection carried out by national creators , thus assured the national effective a standard of quality that nothing should to any other.

In June 1994 the Brazilian Association had 163 members, which in turn had 2189 registered purebreds , with 943 domestic and imported 282 females and 876 males and 88 national import. The crossbred totaled on that date in 2657 heads. Every year is accelerating the expansion of the herd and social framework and , as a result of high demand and appreciation of the breed animals is likely that in a few years , Brazil has become the largest maker PSL worldwide.

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