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Abdera Interagro/Interagro Lusitanos

Abdera Interagro


Sire: Nicola (MAC)
Dam: Ociosa Interagro
Color: Black
D.O.B.: October 08, 2004
REG.:  4164-FN
Sex: Female (approved by Stud Book with 66,50 points)

Abdera is a top producing mare with three daughters included in our breeding program. She also produced the outstading Lusitano Interagro sold at the 15th Interagro Yearlings Auction in 2015 and Esparteiro Interagro sold the US.

Her dam is the flea bitten Ociosa Interagro, a gold winning mare revised with 77 points.

The sire, Nicola (MAC), a striking buckskin deceased in 2019 at 25 years old is famous for its offspring easily distinguished by their straight-forward, docile temperament and incomparable rideability. Several have won important prizes in North American and Brazilian National Shows. Nicola MAC’s sire, Hábil (MV), is a Veiga stallion from the Firme/Nilo/Novilheiro lineage; he has produced some exceptional sons at the Coimbra’s, including Perdigueiro (MAC), now serving at Interagro.  Nicola’s mother, Heroína (MAC), is a daughter of Distinto (MAC), a grand champion mare in Lisbon.  Both Distinto (MAC) and Hábil (MV) were exported to Brazil. Nicola MAC ‘stamps his signature’ on all of his male and female offspring, consistently siring robust, morphologically correct, beautiful, and forward-thinking horses.


2008 – Esparteiro Interagro –  sold (USA)
2009 – Fenícia Interagro
2010 – Gazuza Interagro
2011 – Hardware Interagro
2012 – Inércia Interagro
2013 – Joeira Interagro
2014 – Lusitano Interagro – sold (BRA) at the 15th Interagro Yearlings Auction – 2015
2015 – Matutino Interagro – sold (USA). Prized in Dressage
2017 – Osmond Interagro
2018 – Poderosa Interagro
2019 – Quitanda Interagro
2020 – Régulo Interagro


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