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Beluga Interagro/Interagro Lusitanos

Beluga Interagro


Sire: Nordeste (SS)
Dam: Vedete Interagro
Color: Black
D.O.B: August 01, 2005
REG.: 5442-FN
Sex: Female (approved by Stud Book with 74 points)

Beluga Interagro is an elegant black mare of 74 points by Nordeste (SS) and Vedete Interagro [Visqueiro (CI) x Morgada (MAC)], marking this mare´s bloodlines as a very interesting combination of the sporty Quina (CI) and Coimbra (MAC) lines. Two of Beluga´s daughters are included in our breeding program: Incúria Interagro by Zíngaro Interagro and Predileta Interagro by Hanibal Interagro.


2009 – Febo Interagro – sold (BRA) at the 11th Interagro Yearlings Auction – 2010
2010 – Gabiru Interagro – sold (BRA) at the 12th Interagro Yearlings Auction – 2011
2011 – Haxixe Interagro – sold (BRA) at the 13th Interagro Yearlings Auction – 2012
2012 – Incúria Interagro
2013 – Janaína Interagro
2014 – Lazica Interagro  – sold (BRA) at the 15th Interagro Yearlings Auction – 2015
2015 – Missioneiro Interagro
2016 – Numídia Interagro – sold (BRA) at the 17th Interagro Yearlings Auction – 2017
2018 – Predileta Interagro
2019 – Querer II Interagro – sold (BRA)
2020 – Rimbaud Interagro


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