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Quartan Interagro, Purebred Lusitano grey gelding for sale. Photo: TUPA

Quartan Interagro


Sire: Luca Interagro
Dam: Golegã Interagro
Color: Grey
D.O.B.: October 16, 2019
Height in 08/2022: 1,64 m/ 16.0 1/2 hh
REG.:  8243-MN
Sex: Male (gelding)
Piroplasmosis negative, tested on March 11, 2022
Radiographed on May 09, 2022

Quartan is a beautiful colt of sporty type and good size. He is confident, has great character and his gaits are wide with ease for hindlegs engagement. He started his basic handling stage on January 24, 2022, which consists of accepting the blacksmith, loading and unloading trucks, allowing itself to be brushed, bathed and patiently dried on the cross-ties. Quartan started his work under saddle on August 22, 2022, showing a lot of power, range and freedom of shoulders in his gaits.

His dam, Golegã Interagro,  is a beautiful 100% Veiga lineage broodmare revised with 73 points, she has excellent gaits with a lot of suspension and strength. Golegã is the daughter of the merit stallion Ofensor (MV) who descends from the best and most noble in modern PSL genealogies, belonging to the remarkable Firme (SA) / Nilo (MV) / Novilheiro (MV) lineage, possibly the one who has the greatest influence in the formation of the current PSL. Her mother is the flea bitten Odisseia (MV), daughter of Bailador II (MV) and Ditador II (MV); Odisseia had 15 products until 2016, the year she retired from breeding, being replaced by her daughters Golegã and Fúlvia, both by Ofensor (MV) and in the future Lajeira Interagro (by Perdigueiro MAC).

Sired by Luca Interagro, an above-average stallion, with a very sporty conformation and gaits and with great coverage without leaving the breed’s typicality. Luca is a son of Viheste (AR) with Callas Interagro, a 70-point broodmare by Nirvana Interagro and Ordenada Interagro, who also produced Zepelim Interagro, stallion with a solid career in Classical Dressage and Vereador Interagro, who was awarded in Driving.