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Quilate II Interagro, grey Purebred Lusitano gelding for sale/Photo: TUPA

Quilate II Interagro


Sire: Fellini Interagro
Dam: Etoile Interagro
Color: Grey
D.O.B.: October 12, 2019
Height in 08/2022: 1,60 m/15.300 hh
REG.: 8265-MN
Sex: Male (gelding)
Piroplasmosis negative, tested on March 11, 2022
Radiographed on May 09, 2022

Quilate is very expressive, sporty and with superior gaits, with lightness and engagement. He started his basic handling stage on January 24, 2022, which consists of accepting the blacksmith, loading and unloading trucks, allowing itself to be brushed, bathed and patiently dried on the cross-ties. Quilate started under saddle on September 05, 2022.

His dam is Etoile Interagro, an isabel (cremello) Veiga/Andrade mare approved with 73.50 points.

Sired by Fellini Interagro, stallion of exceptional temperament and movement who´s pedigree represents a blending of two of the most proven and decorated dressage bloodlines in Interagro’s breeding program. By Nirvana Interagro and out of an Ofensor (MV) mare, Batina Interagro, Fellini does not lack for dressage champions in his pedigree. These exceptional bloodlines are very apparent in his presence, conformation, and movement. Even as a young horse, he was very confident in himself and loves to show off his extensions in both trot and canter. His movement is uphill and very elastic, with tremendous expression and exceptional natural rhythm. This stallion’s temperament cannot be matched, as he is very eager to learn, always attentive, and willing to respond to the rider. A stunning black coat compliments his charismatic personality and athleticism. Fellini was approved as a stallion at the 35th International Lusitano Show in May of 2016, with a score of 74 points, and that year began his breeding career at Interagro. He is a son of Nirvana Interagro, a highly decorated FEI dressage competitor and stud known for his athletic and intelligent offspring, that is of the Andrade and Coudelaria National bloodlines. His dam, Batina Interagro, is a daughter of the famous Ofensor (MV), considered by many the best stallion of the modern lusitano breed, and a Nuncio mare – Latina (JNU) – whose rare bloodlines produce extremely correct and productive Lusitanos.