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Remus Interagro, grey Purebred Lusitano colt for sale at The 2021 Interagro Yearlings Collection/Photo: TUPA
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Remus Interagro

2021 Interagro Yearlings Collection 


Sire: Luca Interagro
Dam: Electra Interagro
Color: Grey
D.O.B.: September 16, 2020
REG.: 8533-MN
Sexo: Male

A calm grey foal of good size and correct gaits, Remus has prominent withers, good topline and good croup.
Out of Electra Interagro, a beautiful brood mare revised with the high score of 76,50 points and full sister to Gladiador Interagro, who was revised at 5 YO with a score of 74.5 and whose first crop of foals was born in 2015. Electra´s dam is Virginia Interagro, is a superb broodmare with two daughters and a son in Interagro’s breeding program: Electra, Dondoca Interagro and Gladiador Interagro. Virginia’s oldest son, Bombadil Interagro, was sold to the US where he competed in dressage. Virginia is by Quixote Interagro, a half-brother to the famous Ofensor (MV) who shares the same sire as Danúbio III (MV) and Quintilha Interagro.

His sire is Luca Interagro, an above-average stallion, with a very sporty conformation and gaits and with great coverage without leaving the breed’s typicality. Luca is a son of Viheste (AR) with Callas Interagro, a 70-point broodmare by Nirvana Interagro and Ordenada Interagro, who also produced Zepelim Interagro, stallion with a solid career in Classical Dressage and Vereador Interagro, who was awarded in Driving.



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