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Robin Hood Interagro, bay Purebred Lusitano foal for sale at The 2021 Interagro Yearlings Collection/Photo:TUPA
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Robin Hood Interagro

2021 Interagro Yearlings Collection 


Sire: Lavagante Interagro
Dam: Hispânia Interagro
Color: Bay
D.O.B.: November 21, 2020
REG.:  8549-MN
Sex: Male

Robin Hood is handsome, calm and refined. A foal with prominent withers, good topline and good croup; in addition to correct gaits. This bay is one of the few males of this coat offered in this 2021 Interagro Yearlings Collection.

Out of the gorgeous bay broodmare approved with 75.50 points, Hispânia Interagro, a daughter of Bungo Interagro, a stallion awarded in Classical Dressage and a producer of highly functional animals such as Hamilcar Interagro (Morphology and Dressage), Hiero Interagro (Dressage) and Hobbit Interagro (Dressage in the USA).

His sire is Lavagante Interagro a very typical bay stallion with an excellent character, in addition to great rideability and ease for collection. Lavagante has elastic movements with excellent suspension and exceptional walk. Its first products are of the generation Q (2019).