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The Chronicle of the Horse: Gary Lane And Borodin Interagro Win TailRx “Best Tail Award” At Gold Coast Dressage Finale

Borodin Interagro/TUPA

The Chronicle of the Horse

Gary Lane And Borodin Interagro Win TailRx “Best Tail Award” At Gold Coast Dressage Finale

Wellington, FL (April, 21, 2011) – Borodin Interagro, a five-year-old dapple gray Lusitano stallion, not only showed off his stunning good looks at the Gold Coast Dressage Finale Show, but with a swish of his magnificent tail took home the TailRx “Best Tail Award” during the show. Sponsored by TailRx, the mane and tail restoration system for horses that can also be used on horse owners, the TailRx “Best Tail Award” is awarded during select shows to the horse or pony at the show with the most luxurious tail.

Borodin was ridden by dressage trainer Gary Lane, who rides for Carlene Blunt out of The Country Club Stables in Boynton Beach, Florida. Lane was thrilled that Borodin was recognized for his thick and luxurious tail and said he looks forward to trying TailRx on his stable full of Lusitanos and warmbloods.

“Right now our secret to keeping Borodin’s tail looking good is to just pick out the shavings and only wash and comb it out carefully if we are going to a horse show,” he said, adding that he has heard great things about TailRx.

Mary Brunetti, founder of TailRx, congratulated Lane and Borodin and said that once Lane begins to use the three-step system on the Lusitano stallion they will be able to comb his tail out without any problems. “I developed TailRx for horses and it really has changed the way horse owners deal with their horse’s manes and tails. TailRx is an easy to administer three-step treatment with a simple 5-minute application routine. Horse owners can expect noticeable improvements from TailRx in the first week and then expect thicker, stronger and longer hair in just a few months,” she said.

TailRx has taken the equestrian world by storm, and the success of the product hasn’t been lost on men and women seeking thicker and stronger hair. Fashion magazines, including Marie Claire, Lucky and Nylon Magazine, have all sited TailRx as a “must have” hair product for humans. “The magazines claim it is a product that makes lots of ‘horse sense’ for humans to use,” Brunetti said.

While Brunetti is a dedicated equestrian, she is also a celebrity hair stylist. She was the first woman to receive the prestigious “North American Hairstylist of the Year” award and can now be seen talking about TailRx and selling the product on TV on ShopNBC.

“TailRx works equally well on horses and humans because we are all mammals and share the same hair follicle structure. Each time I have appeared on ShopNBC the reaction to TailRx has been fantastic. During my last appearance we sold out of TailRx completely and received amazing reviews on the ShopNBC website,” she said.

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