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The Lusitano Horse direct source


Interagro Auctions: tradition and reliability. Photos: Zalber

The reliability and transparency that characterize the auction promoted by Interagro Lusitanos generate loyal customers and bring new buyers. In the 2008 edition of “Coleção Interagro” and “IX Interago Foal´s auction” held on Saturday, August 9th in Itapira (SP), was no different.


Djalma Barbosa de Lima: in command of the hammer

With the phrase, “One who is buying at Interagro auctions has access to the product direct from the source” the experienced auctioneer Djalma Barbosa de Lima opened the sale for the most traditional pure bred Lusitano horses in the country, showing animals that represent 33 years of selection and credibility.

Given the needs of customers, the Interagro Auction answered some requests and included offering of foals of exotic colors such as “Isabel”, buckskin or bays, foals of runway, approved stallions and cover from the stallion Profano Interagro.

Another request of customers was granted: The Interagro website added comments and photos from ancestors alongside the photos and information of each horse at the auction.

Filly: The second also on sale


Darling Interagro: the beautiful foal won Marina Nicolai, First Lady of Itapira, and Mayor Antonio Helio Nicolai

For the past nine years, the “auction of Interagro weanlings” – the primary and unique auction held in the world – began with the sale offer of 9 pairs of foals, all of them generation “D”. Unlike the last two years, where only one of the foals was sold – to the buyer’s choice – this year the Interagro released the second foal to sale for the previous bid by the one chosen by the highest bid. The Interagro has, by tradition not sold females; however, this year 4 females were up for auction. The interest for the horses set the tone of intense bidding and 15 of the 18 colts were sold. “At the option of taking the 2 foals, several bought the whole lot, something that had never happened before. The Pagliarin stud farm, for example, got Dandi and Damasco Interagro; Dr. Corradini got Destemido and Don Juan Interagro; Mr. Utzig bought Darling Interagro, leaving other customers without many options, observed the promoters of the auction.

Making loyal customers


Dr. Corradini (left) fell in love with Lusitano Horses Interagro and today is already a breeder on his Baxetro stud farm.

A main feature of the auctions conducted by Interagro since the first version in 1992 is the loyalty of the customer. “Customer satisfaction, customer faithful”, according to the market. At Interagro this concept is taken so seriously that the farm became a “granary” for those in search of the ancient genetic Lusitano horse.

The auction serves large to small breeders as well as owners and users of saddle horses. Provision of foals to adult horses functional and ready for competition.

Among these loyal customers is Mr. Corradini. The doctor, owner of Medic Star Service, turned into a fan of Interagro almost by chance. In 2005 his company was hired by Interagro to call on the farm during the 2005 Lusitano Collection Auction. “I spent 10 days enjoying the animals and, after finishing the shift, I decided to invest in Lusitano horses,” said Corradini. Invited to the “Coleção Interagro” that year, he was not able to attend due to an emergency. “But I had someone in charge of buying for me. I already knew what I wanted and became the owner of Ulisses and Astro Interagro”. This was the debut of the doctor in the world of Lusitano horses.

In 2006, the volume of purchases doubled. He took 3 horses and one colt. Two adults of which one turned into his “dearest”: Xaveco Interagro which, the following year, would become champion of Working equitation and is expected to receive the title again this season. Last year, the doctor returned to invest in the lineage Interagro: “inside and outside of the auction”.  “From a single owner in 2005, I’m becoming a small breeder. My Stud farm, Baxetro, in Vargem Grande Paulista (SP), already has 38 horses including 12 brood mares, three of which are Interagros,” he says. With pride, Corradini speaks of the first foal registered with its own “mark”. “It’s very gratifying see an animal born in Baxetro stud farm, and see them competing and winning. If, in the Working Equitation, Xaveco is bright, in Dressage, Tornado Interagro – a horse that I have in partnership with Alma Lusitana stud farm – is on the spot.”

This year Mr.Corradini not merely made the purchase of three foals, including a double lot, but he also invested in the purchase of a dressage prospect horse and a breeding of  Profano Interagro; the first son of Legendário do Mirante to be included at Interagro official group of stallions. “It is essential to invest in proven genetic quality. If I were to summarize what the Interagro means to me in one word, it would be: reliability. If I am breeding Lusitanos today, it is because I had access to good horses and all of the advice before and after purchase. This relationship that Interagro has with all its customers is based on reliability and loyalty,” says Corradini.

Of all the new buyers of the “Collection Interagro 2008”, however, the most enthusiastic was Mr.Araujo, from Manaus (AM). Breeder of Campolina horses, Mr. Araújo could not even take his eyes of the track. “Being here is a dream, and drinking from the Interagro water well is a great privilege.” I always wanted to have a Lusitano, and leading these beautiful animals to the Amazon is an old dream come true,” he said.

The new Lusitano aficionado had decided to buy only one horse; however, in the end, he couldn’t resist and took two. Xibano Interagro- a horse of excellent functional characteristics will be ridden by him. Zenon Interagro- a gentle horse willing to compete has other attributes: a young stallion approved by the ABPSL – Lusitano Horse Brazilian Association. An inspiration and much more to anyone who intends to start breeding in the Amazon.  Mr. Araujo wants more. He doesn’t know if he can wait until the auction in 2009. This is a sure signal that Interagro has gotten one more loyal customer.

Loyalty and tradition

The auctions are also special occasions for the meeting of traditional farmers and almost everyone leaves the event with new acquisitions.


Ofensor (MV): the most wanted genetic goes to Bahia

Heitor Nisencwajg from Vale da Raposa stud farm, in Bahia, did not lose the opportunity to buy the only breeding of Ofensor (MV), the stallion who is the biggest producer of today’s champions.

Mr. Scroback, from Cantareira stud farm, bought, after much dispute, the weanling of “Isabel” coat Dilúvio Interagro, a son of a Dressage Champion Tufão Interagro, as well as the grey horse Zoroastro Interagro.

Mr. Utzig,  from the south of Brazil, disputed several lots, and ended up purchasing the most wanted of all the babies, Don Carlo Interagro, “Isabel” of impeccable pedigree and the most valued at the auction: $ 25.500,00 (over US$15,000.00). Don Carlo is full brother of Appiano Interagro, prized as the “Best Head”, with the Gold Medal in 1st class and part of the Get of Sire of Quixote Interagro and Expo Grand Champion Young Male Show XXVI of the PSL, 2007.

Also present at the event, Aldo and Clélia Araujo Pinto took to their Coudelaria do Castanheiro the Interagro colt Dante, a son of Vereador Interagro, the Vice-champion of Marilu’s Driving Cup 1st. Phase of Maneability.


Awarded in driving Vereador Interagro was purchased by Mangueiras stud farm.

Vereador was also sold and closed the floor in style, driven by Antonio Mariano de Souza, main driver of the farm since 1988. Soon after hitting the hammer, Mr. Lefosse, his new owner was admiring the acquisition at the stables. He also bought the colt Demiurgo Interagro. A traditional breeder of Lusitano horses at Mangueiras stud farm, the lawyer is a huge fan of Interagro horses and among the animals that he has acquired at the auctions he emphasizes Bilbo Interagro, record price (approximately US$20,000.00) for the breed foals registered in 2006 and not exceeded so far.



APAE Itapira is an organization in charge of mentally and physically disabled people that is benefited by the event proceeds. Various crafts created by the children were displayed and sold at the event. The public was able to see first hand how the support of a serious organization can make such a difference in the transformation of their lives. This year they managed to overcome their goals as all funds raised were donated to this organization.

The event included sponsorship of Guabi horse food, Medic Star, Moeda Viva Magazine and TV and Uruguayan wines