Working Equitation


Ricardo Nardy Silva rinding Recruta Interagro, during the II Etapa do Campeonato Brasileiro Equitação de Trabalho. Photo: Ney Messi

Huge Crowd Turns Out For Exciting And Successful Working Equitation Event At Interagro Lusitanos Brazilian Farm

Itapira, Brazil (March 14, 2012) – Lusitano fans, owners, riders and breeders flocked to Interagro Lusitanos Brazilian farm recently for a Working Equitation event that featured a fun-filled day of celebrating the versatility of the fabulous Lusitano breed. Interagro Lusitanos, the largest breeder and exporter of Lusitano horses in the world, hosted the event at their 1,200-acre farm outside of São Paulo in Brazil.

“We recently built a new ring on our farm and we celebrated the opening of the arena by hosting this event with the goal of having fun and bringing in aficionados to train,” said Cecilia Gonzaga, the manager of Interagro Lusitanos. “We planned on 125 people attending but we had about 340 people join us for the event. We held three classes — juniors, professionals, and owners/beginners. Interagro awarded four Samsung 3G WiFi Tablets to the Best Junior, Best Professional, Best Owner and Best Beginner.”

While Working Equitation is a well-known discipline in Brazil, it is also beginning to grow in popularity in the United States. Working Equitation was founded in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy but quickly expanded to Sweden, Germany, the UK and Brazil. The discipline of Working Equitation was created to promote the different types of equitation techniques developed in countries that used the riding horse to work in the fields, on farms and with livestock.

“Working Equitation is comprised of three phases, including dressage, ease of handling with obstacles and speed obstacles. It is a great sport steeped in history as the goal is to preserve and carry on the cultural traditions of each country and their horses,” Gonzaga said. “It is a very exciting event and when you watch it you can see how the Lusitano horse excelled as a riding horse throughout the centuries.”

Interagro Lusitanos hosted the event in grand style, not only celebrating the opening of their new arena but also celebrating the Lusitano breed. “We are passionate about the breed and how versatile they are, from competing in upper level dressage all around the world, to four-in-hand driving to, of course, excelling in working equitation,” Gonzaga said. “During our event we didn’t charge anything for entry fees, boarding, stalls, tickets, lunch – everything was free for our guests. In addition to the Samsung Tablets for the top winners, we also awarded trophies made with horseshoes from our horses, and the Interagro logo all mounted on an old piece of wood from our family’s house in Portugal. They were stunning awards and everyone was thrilled to receive them.”

Gonzaga said that 37 horses competed in the event that was sponsored by Germanica Volkswagen and Guabi Horse Feed. Additional sponsors included Spur Saddle Shop, VPJ Specialty Meat, JF Security & Valets and Medic Star Paramedics & Ambulance. “The Interagro horses finished quite well during the event. In the owners/beginners class we had 16 entries and Interagro’s results were: Edmar Martins de Brito and Baramir Interagro, 1st place; Christiano von Rainer zu Harbach and Baramir Interagro, 3rd place; Luan C. de Brito and Zíngaro Interagro, 5th place; Patricia Gelain Brito and Cossaco Interagro, 9th place; and Daiana A. Silva and Zangado Interagro, 10th place.”

In the professional class, which featured 26 entries, Luís Donizete de Andrade and Baramir Interagro placed 16th. “The event was so successful, especially for our sponsors. During our Working Equitation event Volkswagen sold three Amarok’s, a mid-size pickup truck,” Gonzaga said. “Overall it was a very exciting and successful event and Interagro was thrilled to host it.”

Interagro Lusitanos is also well-known for hosting The Lusitano Collection® International Horse Auction, an action-packed evening, featuring everything from lively Samba dancers to exhibition rides to a showcase of demonstrations by each of the sale horses taking part in the auction. “The auction is one of the most thrilling evenings of the year and draws Lusitano fans from all over the world,” Gonzaga said.  The 2012 Lusitano Collection International Horse Auction will be held at Interagro Lusitanos farm in Brazil, June 23rd and Gonzaga is encouraging Lusitano fans to mark their calendars and plan now to attend.

The Lusitano breed is renown for their generous temperament and ease under saddle, making it an attractive prospect for amateur and professional riders alike. The 2012 Collection will feature Lusitanos suitable for riders at all levels. “Whether the buyer is looking for an amateur’s mount or a professional prospect, they will find an Interagro Lusitano that is a perfect match. All of the Interagro horses presented at auction are chosen for their athleticism and trainability, traits that have made them a popular pleasure and show mount across the world,” Gonzaga said.

Gonzaga added that for those interested in learning more about Working Equitation, during their event their main sponsor, Volkswagen, filmed a promotional video that can be viewed on YouTube. “While the video is promoting the car, it features quite a bit of footage of the horses in the ring taking part in their classes and it really gives you a great idea about what Working Equitation is all about,” she said. To watch the YouTube video, called Interagro AMAROK Experience, go to



Former President of the National Cutting Horse Association, Punk Carter, has two Interagro Lusitanos in training and is pleased with the results so far.