Zizifo Interagro & Patricio GUglialmelli at RIO 2016 Photo: Tina Coelho/Terra Imagem
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Zizifo Interagro and Patricio Guglialmelli Complete Successful Paralympian Debut for Argentina

Zizifo Interagro & Patricio GUglialmelli at RIO 2016 Photo: Tina Coelho/Terra Imagem

Zizifo Interagro and Patricio Guglialmelli Complete Successful Paralympian Debut for Argentina

Zizifo Interagro and rider Patricio Guglialmelli (Tina Coelho/Terra Imagem)

Itapira, Sao Paulo, Brazil (October 27, 2016) – Rio de Janeiro’s Paralympic Games wrapped up September 18, closing yet another chapter of a competition that represents the incredible indomitability of the human spirit, and the epitome of pursuing dreams against all odds. For the Paralympic equestrian, the stakes are never higher, encompassing all of the risks and rewards of training and competing with a 1,200lb animal. To compete on this level is a dream sought by many, and this year’s Rio Paralympics saw the Brazilian-bred Zizifo Interagro and rider Patricio Guglialmelli obtain their Paralympic equestrian dream.
While the success of the rider and horse is obvious as they trot around the Olympic stadium, it is the village of unseen contributors, owners, grooms, family, and friends who celebrate alongside and experience the highs and lows of competition just as acutely as the athletes. For Zizifo and Guglialmelli, competing in their first Paralympics in Brazil was especially poignant for Zizifo’s breeder, Interagro Lusitanos of Sao Paulo, as well as for his owner Gea Einaudi of Italy. It was the first Paralympic performance for both, and they competed as individuals for Argentina in the Grade III division.

In the spectacular Deodoro Stadium (Photo courtesy of Gea Einaudi)
Zizifo Interagro and Patricio Guglialmelli (ARG) at Rio 2016 – Photo Tina Coelho/Terra Imagem

Sunday’s Team Test saw the pair finish on a 60.974%, and top that score with a 62.512% on Tuesday during the Individual Championship Test. On Sunday, Zizifo and Guglialmelli had an enthusiastic cheering section from Interagro, as well as supporters from Argentina and Europe. For Interagro, Zizifo’s success was a major milestone for their breeding program, which has spent over 40 years carefully breeding and developing a modern Lusitano sporthorse with the temperament, athleticism, and trainability to success at the FEI levels.
Zizifo’s breeding exemplifies Interagro’s vision to progress the evolution of the modern Lusitano. Profano Interagro, Zizifo’s sire, has imprinted his exceptional athleticisim onto his progeny. By the legendary sire Legendario do Mirante, Profano’s grandsire was Novilheiro MV, one of the most famous Lusitano horses of all time. An international show jumping champion, Novilheiro’s top accolades under rider Olympic Silver Medalist John Whitaker include being the British Showjumping Champions and leading the European rankings for prize money earned in show jumping. Novilheiro’s unprecedented talent has significantly contributed to the evolution of the ancient breed into a modern sporthorse, with Zizifo the most recent testament to this success.

Profano Interagro – Photo courtesy of TUPA

With over 40 years of experience breeding, training, and exporting Lusitanos, Interagro’s mission is to preserve the exceptional bloodlines and qualities of the breed while showcasing their talent, beauty, and intelligence, especially in the FEI and sport horse disciplines. Established in 1975 by Dr. Paulo Gavião Gonzaga, Interagro’s initial vision was to preserve and restore the original foundational Lusitano bloodlines and lineages, many of which were in danger of extinction following the Portuguese Revolution of 1974. Through meticulous breeding, exceptional care, and world-class training, the Interagro Lusitanos of today continue that legacy as they compete across four continents.
For more information on Interagro Lusitanos, Interagro’s horses for sale, or the Lusitano bloodlines, visit Interagro’s website or follow them on Facebook. To organize a trip to Brazil or for any questions regarding sales please contact Interagro.

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