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Visqueiro (CI)


Sire: Quieto (CI)
Dam: Nieta (CI)
Color: Grey
Height: 1,60m /15.3 h
D.O.B: April 02, 1979
REG: 00107-MI
Sex: Male (Stallion apprived by Stud Book with 73,50 points)
Deceased: February 08, 2001

Visqueiro CI is a full brother of the fabulous Xique-Xique CI, the stallion who is the basis of the Interagro horse. Visqueiro CI was for many years the main stallion of the Coudelaria Nico Palha (FFP) in Portugal. He was later imported into Brazil by Top Agropecuária where he served for a couple of years being then sold to Interagro to replace his brother Xique-Xique CI who had just died. At Interagro, Visqueiro CI produced 48 offspring, from which 21 females. Seventeen of Visqueiro’s CI daughters are now included into the selected Interagro brood-mare group.

Offspring sold:

Tagus Interagro (BRA) at Coleção Interagro Auction – 2003
Tático Interagro (BRA) at Coleção Interagro Auction – 2003
Triton Interagro at The 2004 Lusitano Collection
Ufano Interagro (BRA) at Coleção Interagro Auction – 2005
Ulfila Interagro (BRA) at Coleção Interagro Auction  – 2004
Ulisses Interagro (BRA) at Coleção Interagro Auction – 2005
Ultan Interagro (USA) – The 2004 Lusitano Collection
Unanimus Interagro (BRA) at Interagro Yearling Auction – 2004