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Platão Interagro

Platão is training and available with Mr. Tiago Ernesto in Loxahatchee, FL.
To be seen and for more info please contact elitehorseacademy@gmail.com


Sire: Empreiteiro Interagro
Dam: Gargantilha Interagro
Color: Grey
D.O.B.: September 05, 2018
Height: 1,66 m/ 16.1 1/2 hh
REG.: 8007 -MN
Sex: Male (gelding)
Piroplasmosis negative, tested on March 11, 2022
Radiographed on September 22, 2021

Platão is a very impressive, strong, and sweet horse with a likable personality. He is calm and cooperative like the vast majority of Empreiteiro´s offspring, in addition to being very safe and amateur friendly. He started under saddle in December 2021 in Brazil and is in training in the US since July 2022, currently showing at Second Level and schooling at Third Level. Platão is very focused on his work and a quick learner; his gaits are very comfortable, and he is a joy to ride with his great natural rhythm and impulsion.

Platao is a remarkable horse, embodying strength and elegance in every stride. With his short back and robust hind end, he exudes power and agility. His uphill conformation provides him with the perfect balance and impulsion, allowing him to excel in his movements. Platao’s three correct gaits, with his canter shining as a highlight, showcase his natural talent and athleticism. In training, he effortlessly masters third-level movements, displaying a remarkable learning disposition and a beautifully consistent rhythm. His innate self-carriage further enhances his presence in the arena, captivating all who watch him perform. Platão truly exemplifies the epitome of a talented and graceful equine partner.

Son of Gargantilha Interagro, 100% Veiga line broodmare approved at 4 years old with 78.50 points. Daughter of the Champion of progeny in Brazil and Portugal Ofensor (MV) with the Núncio mare Lantejoula (JNU). Until the 2021 season, Gargantilha produced four males, among them Notário, sold to Canada.

Sired by Empreiteiro Interagro, bay stallion who began his career in the discipline of Working Equitation, and was schooling Grand Prix when sold to the US, demonstrating talent for all of the movements which seem to come very easy to him. Empreiteiro is also known for his willing, easy-going temperament, sharp mind, and a clear enjoyment of his work, making him a joy to ride and train. His offspring have very good gaits with lovely movement and suspension. He is the son of Perdigueiro (MAC), one of the most influential sires at Interagro, from whom inherits the lineage Firme (SA) / Nile (MV) / Novilheiro (MV) transmitted by the Hábil (MV), also transmitted by the maternal grandfather Rocinante Interagro. Also on the maternal side, Empreiteiro Interagro descendes from the Quina (CI) lineages of his great-grandfather Xique-Xique (CI) and Andrade (SA) introduced by the great-grandmother Interessante (VAN), a daughter of the renowned Vidago (SA).


14/Apr/2024 – 2nd place Third Level (67.7%) – World Equestrian Center (Ocala, FL, USA)
13/Apr/2024 – Third Level (65+) – World Equestrian Center (Ocala, FL, USA)
16/Mar/2024 – 1st place Second Level (66.142%) at the AGDF 10 National (Wellington, FL,USA)
15/Mar/2024 – 2nd place Second Level (64.142%) at the AGDF 10 National (Wellington, FL,USA)
10/Feb/2024 – 1st place Second Level (65,857%) at the AGDF 5 National (Wellington, FL, USA)
09/Feb/2024 – 1st place Second Level (68.258%) at the AGDF 5 National (Wellington, FL, USA)

10/Dec/2023 – 1st place Second Level (68.143%) – 2023 WF Polar Express (Loxahatchee, FL, USA)
09/Dec/2023 – 1st place Second Level (67.571%) – 2023 WF Polar Express (Loxahatchee, FL, USA)
28/May/2023 – 2nd place First Level at WEC – World Equestrian Center (Ocala, FL, USA)
27/May/2023 – 1st place First Level at WEC – World Equestrian Center (Ocala, FL, USA)

13/Nov/2022 –  1st place Training Level (74,615%) at the 2022 Haras Fall Dressage Show II (Magnolia, TX, USA)